NEO Health 


All your stats – on the GO

The NEO Health GO is our newest fitness tracker. It tracks your heart rate, shows incoming call and text notifications and tracks your daily steps.

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Daily activity
Tracks steps, distance and burnt calories

Heart rate
Tracks and monitors your heart rate

Automatically imports your sleeping hours

Receive incoming call and text notifications

Mobile App
Syncs data to the app via Bluetooth

You can shower or swim with the GO

Mobile App

The Virtuagym App gives you the opportunity to make the most of the NEO Health devices. Connect your phone via Bluetooth with your NEO Health GO and the app will show your live heart rate. 

With your Virtuagym app you can manage all parts of your lifestyle:


  • Track your heart rate

  • See the heart rate zone you are in

  • Get a summary of your training

  • See your progress over time

Product Overview

  • Heart rate tracking

  • Steps, burned calories, distance covered

  • Daily goals, time active, hours slept

  • Date & time

  • Connects via Bluetooth with the Virtuagym App

  • In depth overview of the data in the Virtuagym App

  • Shows heart rate zones

  • For iPhones, shows incoming call, text and whatsapp notifications

  • Set an alarm and get woken up without noise


Name: NEO Health GO

Product weight: 22.6 g

Battery type: Rechargebale lithium polymer battery

Battery life: 5 days

Memory: 30 days

Screen: 0.91′ OLED display

Guarantee: 1 year