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Measure your own body composition

As soon as you open the NEO Health ONYX you will notice this is more than an ordinary scale to just measure your weight. This is a whole different ball game! The ONYX is a real body composition monitor, that will measure your weight, and in addition your body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass.


Body Weight

Body Fat %

Bone Mass %

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

Bio Electric Impedance Analysis

This is all possible through electronics, the ONYX is based on BIA (Bio-electric Impedance Analysis) Technology. Through 4 small electrodes it sends small shocks that go through your body to measure every aspect. The ONYX measures through resistance and since fat is more resistance towards electricity than water and muscles it can measure all 3 of them. Also the bone mass is measured through the BIA Technology.

Muscle Mass %

Body Water %


Mobile App Platform

Easy And Efficient

Though there are more accurate methods to measure Body Fat, Body Water and Muscle Mass, little electric shocks are by far the easiest since almost no knowledge is required to make a Body Composition, while the other methods are far more complicated.

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Mobile App

The Virtuagym App gives you the opportunity to make the most of the NEO Health devices.  A body composition breakdown is one button away and access to your tracked data is always at hand. 

With Your Virtuagym Fitness And Food App you can manage all parts of your lifestyle.

– Plan and log workouts

– Log your food and see your daily calory intake

– Get a clear overview of you lifestyle and progress

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Product Overview & Specifications

  • Measures Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR(Kcal), Bone Mass, Visceral Fat And Weight

  • Seamless Connectivity With The Virtuagym App

  • Detailed Overview Of The Data In The Virtuagym App

  • High Precision Sensors That Measure In Steps Of 0.2 Ibs / 0.1 Kg

  • 4.3″ Backlit LCD With Extra Big Numbers

  • 1 Year Warranty  

Product Name: NEO Health Onyx Body Composition Monitor

Data Transfer: Bluetooth® Smart technology

Capacity: 400 Ibs / 180 Kg

Increments Of: 0.2 Ibs / 0.1 Kg

Battery: 4 X AA Batteries

Surface: 6mm Hardened Glass With A Conductive ITO Layer

Screen: Blue Led Screen

Units: Ibs / Kg / St

Switch On Technology: Step Power On/ Auto Power-Off

Dimensions: 325*325*29 mm

Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS, BQB