NEO Health 


To measure is to know, analyse your body

As soon as you start using the NEO Health Onyx you will notice this is more than an ordinary scale. It is the perfect tool to show your progress, connects seamlessly with your Virtuagym app and provides you with valuable information about your body composition.

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Measures weight

Measures fat mass and percentage

Bone mass
Measures bone mass and percentage

Muscle mass
Measures muscle mass and percentage

Measures water percentage

Measures BMI

Mobile App

The Virtuagym App gives you the opportunity to make the most of the NEO Health devices. Connect your phone via Bluetooth with your NEO Health Onyx and the app will show your results within a second. 

With your Virtuagym app you can manage all parts of your lifestyle:

  • See your weight

  • See your fat mass (and percentage)

  • See your muscle mass (and percentage)

  • See your bone mass (and percentage)

  • See your body water (and percentage)

  • See your BMI and BMR

Product Overview

  • Weight

  • Fat mass and percentage

  • Muscle mass and percentage

  • Bone mass and percentage

  • Body water

  • BMI

  • Measure as many users as you want to

  • 2 point measurement


Name: NEO Health Onyx

Battery type: 4x AA (included)

Type of measurement: 2 point measurement

Max. weight: 180 kg

Guarantee: 1 year