NEO Health 


The future of fitness, in one device

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The NEO Health Station – the revolution of fitness.

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Muscle information
Get detailed information about different muscle groups
Find exercises per muscle group
Help your clients learn more about the body
As a personal trainer, explain how the body works to your clients

Timer features
Integrated interval features
Make use of Tabata for high intensity training
Includes stop watch function

Interactive workouts
Play workouts
Get guided by the 3D animation
Train alone or with a personal trainer
Choose from your personalized workouts or one of the standard workouts

Play single exercises
See the correct execution of the exercise
Add exercises by muscle groups and exercise equipment
Play Virtuagym’s 3D anmiated exercises

Customized branding

Brand the NEO Health Station in your logo and company colors

Use the Station as a marketing tool to show content

Contact us regarding branding of the 3D animations